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Hello everyone. Morningwood Growers is no longer open to the public. You can shop my plants on ETSY, or at local event - schedule TBD.

Ethical Growing, Farming, and Harvest

We love to have fun and laugh here at Morningwood Growers. But, don't let our silliness misguide you. While tiny, we are a fully licensed nursery regulated by the state of Florida. We take this and the preservation of our native species very seriously.

Morningwood Growers is one of the few nurseries permitted to collect, propagate, and sell many Florida native species. Out of our five acres, Morningwood Growers has dedicated 3 acres to native Florida forest and PERMANENTLY donated .6 of an acre to the state of Florida as a wetland conservation easement.

We take great pride in our work, and we propagate and return more plants to the wild than we sell to the public. We are especially interested in propagation of Florida's native air plants and our local orchid, the Florida Butterfly Orchid - Encyclia tampensis.

Did You Know?

The harvesting of plants from the Florida wild is regulated under Rule Chapter 5B-40 F.A.C., here is a link to the rule:

There are currently three listed endangered Tillandsia as which would require a permit issued by the Department to harvest, they include:

  • Tillandsia fasciculata – common or stiff-leaved wild-pine
  • Tillandsia pruinosa – fuzzy-wuzzy or hoary air-plant
  • Tillandsia utriculata – giant wild-pine

There are also three listed threatened Tillandsia which would only require written permission by the landowner to harvest, they include:

  • Tillandsia balbisiana – inflated and reflexed wildpine
  • Tillandsia flexuosa – twisted or banded air plant
  • Tillandsia valenzuelana – soft-leaved

Penalties for a violation to Rule Chapter 5B-40 F.A.C is an administrative fine pursuant to Statue 570.971 not to exceed $5,000 may be imposed.

Anyone moving or offering for sale live plants is required to be registered with the Division of Agriculture.

If that isn't enough for you, Morningwood Growers is also listed with the USDA and APHIS. We are permitted to import many species of plants from several different countries. If you are looking for something rare or unique, send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

Notice: No species of bamboo is currently allowed import to the US.

Morningwood Growers

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