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Tillandsia Chiapensis Air Plant Medium

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Tillandsia Chiapensis is endemic to Chipas Mexico. An ephyitic drought tolerant plant, it can grow in a wide range of climates. Full sun to partial shade will keep this beauty growing. As it is native to a dry climate, it requires little water. Its leaves are covered in pronounced trichomes giving them a "fuzzy" appearance and adding to the richness of the beautiful coloration. The plant will produce a bloom spike, red to coral pink in color. One of the longest lasting bloom spikes, Tillandsia Chiapensis has been known to stay in spike for 12 months or more! Moderately slow growing, Chipensis air plants do propagate readily.

We offer Tillandaia Chiapensis air plants in three sizes: Small plants are up to 1 inch wide. Medium up to 2 inch wide. Large plants are 2-5 inch in diameter. On rare occasions we will sell off one of our extra large plants. If you are interested, email us for availability.

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