A Florida native! Wonderful and entertaining.

Tillandsia Paucifolia Potbelly Air Plant Large

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Similar to Tillandsia Caput Madusae, Tillandsia Paucifolia AKA Potbelly air plant, has pronounced trichomes giving it a "fuzzy" appearance, a bulbous base, and wonderfully animated leaf structures. It is native to Central America, central and southern Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, the West Indies, and Florida. Easy to grow, these air plants prefer bright filtered light and moderate water. They do prefer warm humid coastal climates, as such they should be misted daily in dry areas. They grow singularly or in clumps in coastal strands and hammocks.

We offer three sizes of Tillandsia Paucifolia: Small plants are up to 4 inches. Medium plants are between 4 and 6 inches. Large plants are 6 inches plus. These plants have been know to get quite large, some reported to be fourteen inches! Small: <4" Medium:4"+ Large: 5"+


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