Plastic pot grown. Small beautiful flowers smell like honey. FL native!

Encyclia Tampensis Fucatum | Florida Butterfy Orchid Pot Grown NO BLOOM

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We are very proud to offer you our Encyclia Tampensis Fucatum, otherwise known as the Florida Butterfly Orchid. Along withe elegant sprays of beautiful small flowers, Tampensis Fucatum delights with a strong honey scent. These are special to us as they grow natively in our three acres dedicated to woods and wetlands. We are one of the very few nurseries that have Florida State permission to harvest, propagate, and sell our tampensis. In the four years we have been working on this project, we are proud to report a 300% increase in the wild occurrences of tampensis on our five acres! Now that we have given back to nature, we are finally able to begin selling our crop.

These Fucatum have been grown in pots. It's a bit easier to do this way as opposed to slab grown. They are grown in sphagnum moss and bark mix. One of teh very few items that ship potted so as not to disturb the fragile root structure. To keep costs down, these are shipped without bloom spike. If you would like an Encyclia Tampensis Fucatum orchid in bloom - just email me and I'll let you know what we have is stock.

Please be sure to select IN BLOOM or NO BLOOM.

IN BLOOM Plants require special handling, packing, and expedited shipping that comes at a substantial expense, often well over $30. Please check out using standard shipping rate. Once you have placed your order, you will be contacted for Expedited Shipping set up and invoiced the additional cost (minus the shipping charged at checkout). Someone must be present for the delivery and a signature is required.

Plants out of bloom afford you some savings for both the plant and shipping. The bloom will match those in the photo. Blooming usually occurs May - June.


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