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Morningwood Growers EXCLUSIVE Mix and Grow™

Mix and Grow is a Morningwood Growers exclusive innovation; a revolutionary way to grow and show your air plant collection. No longer do you need to be concerned about your air plants breaking free of their mounts. No longer are you bound to grow your air plant on the mount it came with! With Morningwood Growers Mix and Grow, you can grow your own adventure!

It's as easy as one, two, three!

morningwood growers grow and match bases

Step One

Select a Mix and Grow base. Each base is a hand selected piece of natural material with rare earth neodymium magnets adhered to artistically selected areas of the piece (steel bases do not come with magnets). We offer steel, stone, and wood options.

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morningwood growers grow and match bases stands

Step Two

Select a Mix and Grow basket. Each basket is hand made here at Morningwood Growers. Basket material is clear coated, shiny finished, aluminum wire. If the basket you select is other than silver, it is anodized aluminum - not painted. Our Mix and Grow baskets are specially designed for air plant health and display. Aluminum is non toxic to air plants and the form we create is conducive to both beautiful display of your plant, but for exceptional draining and air flow; vital for tillandsia (air plant) health.

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morningwood growers grow and match bases stands tillandsia

Step Three

Select a Mix and Grow Air Plant! The pièces de résistance, the finali, the cherry on top - of course your air plant selection is the star of the show! Choose from a large variety of plants we hand select to go perfectly with your selected Mix and Grow basket and base.

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