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Small Tillandsia Seleriana Air Plant

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Tillandsia Seleriana air plants are monster sized plants. Their size alone makes these beauties a must have in any tillandsia collection. Add to their mass an exquisite form, as if perpetually windswept, and a lovely icy green coloring and the desirability of these plants is a no brainer! Tillandsia Seleriana is native to southern Mexico through Honduras. It grows readily in pine and oak trees and has the largest pseudobulb of any of the tillandsia. The bloom of the Tillandsia Seleriana is a lovely light pink to deep coral at blooming time. The flowers are deep blue purple, almost cobalt.

Seleriana will grow well under average conditions of light, water and fertilizer. These air plants will grow readily with high light levels as long as it is in a humid environment or is watered regularly. It will also do well in lower light with less frequent watering. Tillandsia Seleriana is one of the slower growing species of air plant. It can take two to several years to reach maturity which accounts for their higher than average price.


We offer three sizes of Tilandsia Seleriana. Small plants are 3 - 5 inches. Medium 5-7 inches. Large plants are 7 inches plus.

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