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Aechmea Blanchetiana Bromeliad Small (Rooted or Offset)

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The aechmea blanchetiana bromeliad is a beautiful and large plant that loves sun. The more sun they get - the more red they turn. The less sun, the more green. Hardiness zones tend to start at 10, but we grow them just fine outdoors here in zone 9. Watering is easy - just fill the tank and move on! No guessing if you have watered the soil long enough.

The attractive green, yellow, or red (depending on amount of sun) foliage with red tips of this easy-care bromeliad is a perfect background for the brilliant, springtime flower stalk, which emerges from the tight center rosette of leaves. The flower stalk is composed of a cluster of red and yellow showy bracts. It is the long-lasting bracts that are most noticeable. They can be used as cut flowers indoors for a period of weeks.

You will receive one healthy aechmea blanchetiana. The plant will ship to you bare, not soil or pot. You can mount the plant on a log, put it in dirt, or put in a hanging basket.


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