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On Hold. Should be available 2019. Cryptanthus Black Magic, AKA Black Mystic, an extraordinarily beautiful "Earth Star".

Cryptanthus Black Magic / Black Mystic | Earth Star

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Cryptanthus Black Magic, AKA Black Mystic, an extraordinarily beautiful "Earth Star".

What You Get

You will receive one well rooted, potted (4" plastic pot) Cryptanthus Black Magic. They are very easy to grow and exceptionally beautiful plants. Cryptanthus is a genus in the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae. The genus name is from the Greek “cryptos” and “anthos”. They differ from bromeliads that you may be familiar with in that they obtain water from their roots. They must remain in soil and can not be mounted and grown as epiphytes.

Light: INDOOR: Bright light from an east or west window. Outside (zones 9+) Some full sun OK. Too much shade and the colors will fade. Too much sun and the leafs can burn.

Temperature: Warm (60-80 degrees F/16-27 degrees C) year-round. This is "in general". If you have micro climatic zones you know warm weather plants do well, these will probably do well there too. I keep mine outdoors year round and we do occasionally have LIGHT frosts.

Fertilizer: Depends on fertilizer used. Fertilizing is not necessary for teh plant to survive, but it does produce larger, healthier, more vibrant plants. Top dressing with Osmocote seems to work well enough. If you use something else, follow manufactures instructions.

Water: In warm weather, water / let top 1" - 2" of substrate dry / water again. Water thoroughly when watering to ensure good root growth.

Soil: Peat, perlite mix is best. Regular soil less potting mixes like Miracle Grow should be fine too.

Repotting: Repot every 2 to 3 years. Plans can live 10 + years and indefinitely when pups (offsets) are considered.

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Shipping can be hard on plants. We do our very best to carefully pack all of our plants. We can not be responsible for careless handling by postage representatives. Light damage is not unusual, such as a cracked leaf or two. If your plant arrives badly damaged, please contact USPS. If your plant arrives dead or sick - please contact us.

Returns / Refunds / Replacements

These are handled on a case by case basis. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost if a replacement plant is granted.

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