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A beautiful and hardy plant, perfect for shady areas.

Neoregelia Johannis Fairchild Bromeliad

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Our Neoregelia Johannis Fairchild bromeliads are a prolific grower and perfect for just about any bright to shady conditions. Full summer sun is too much for Johannis Fairchild bromeliads. They are very easy to grow, add water to the tank and walk away. When the tank is low, add more water. Like most bromeliads, you can plant or mount our Johannis Fairchild bromeliads just about anywhere. Tree trunks, rocks, logs, and soil are all fair game. Be sure your soil is fast draining. Bromeliads do not like wet feet.

You will be shipped a medium to large offset. Your plant will not be potted. It may or may not have roots. Roots are unimportant for bromeliads as they serve as structure only. This bromeliad can be mounted on trees, wood, rocks, or grown in soil. It's up to your imagination!


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