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- ONE (1) Live, Nepenthes 'Ventricosa', Pendulous Pitcher JUVENILE plant. The large plant in the photo is for reference only.
- Size of the leafs are currently around 2-4" (two to four inch) from base to leaf tip.

Insect Eating Nepenthes Ventricosa Juvenile Pitcher Plants (Small) Rooted in 4" Plastic Pot

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Please be sure to read each Morningwood Growers listing thoroughly, to avoid confusion.

Beautiful, easy to grow, unique and they eat bugs! Natural fungus gnat control in your home. They really work!

- ONE (1) Live, Nepenthes 'Ventricosa', Pendulous Pitcher JUVENILE plant. The large plant in the photo is for reference only.
- Size of the leafs are currently around 2-4" (two to four inch) from base to leaf tip.
- Plant HAS juvenile pitchers
- Plant is grown in sphagnum moss
- Plant does not come with a 4" plastic pot
- Leafs (traps) are red and or green.
- Nepenthes 'ventricosa' are mineral sensitive plants. We raise them fine on well water. Some city taps are fine too. Softened water WILL KILL THEM.
- Nepenthes 'ventricosa' are water loving, requiring continuously wet roots.
- Nepenthes 'ventricosa' require part shade to several hours of full sun.

Nepenthes 'ventricosa' are easy to care for - one of the easiest of nepenthes. When received, remove any plastic and tape as gently as possible. If the plant is in a pot, gently push around the plant base to be sure the roots are still seated. If the plant has bounced out of it's potting mix, just gently put it back - planting up to the plant base.

Nepenthes 'ventricosa' require fresh, cool, distilled, rain, (some city taps is ok - check first) or well water. They should be watered every day - no less than every other. If your Nepenthes 'ventricosa' dries out, it may die. To ave it, immediately water the plant thoroughly - several times. You want to be sure the entire pot of mix is saturated. Water every day until the leafs perk back up.

Never water plants with softened water. Water softeners use salt, and this can kill many plants very quickly - others over time.

You should never need to feed your Nepenthes 'ventricosa' . Even indoors - they usually catch a gnat or two. They don't need much.

If you want to feed them, you can place freshly killed bugs in the pitchers. One per pitcher is great. If you don't want to use bugs, you can use Osmocote SPARINGLY. One pellet dropped in each pitcher per MONTH is enough.

NEVER fertilize the potting mix. If you do, the plant will drop it's pitchers - and may die.

Nepenthes 'ventricosa' require a lot of filtered sun to full sun. Here in FL, our full sun is too much for them and they burn. I grow mine both outdoors and indoors - next to a super sunny window. The more light the plants get - the more red the traps will become.

We ONLY ship Tuesdays and Thursdays by USPS. It's imperative you (or someone) are available to open the box as soon as it is delivered to avoid damage caused by heat or cold. Delivery takes between 2 and 4 days. You will be sent tracking numbers for each order.

No refunds or returns are offered.

Orders damaged during shipping MAY be covered by the USPS. See below.

Any shipping damage must be photographed and reported within 10 days of delivery. When received, I will then submit an insurance claim to USPS. IF the USPS covers the "loss", I notify clients and offer them either a replacement plant or the amount of the insurance settlement.

During the cold days of winter, the addition of 72 hour UniHeat pack(s) in each order is mandatory. Temperatures are checked not only at the ship to location but also through the shipping route. While the weather in your area is 50 degrees, it may be below 30 along the way. Each pack is $4 (no mark up) and for very cold locations, a minimum of 2 packs is required. A separate invoice will be sent for these packs and any additional shipping expense (the packs are heavy) after your order.

As an avid online shopper myself, I understand both sellers and buyers perspectives. I only ship out live healthy plants, I package them safely and securely, and I provide you with all the information you need to help them grow. With proper handling and care, all plants I ship are ready to grow for you. Please be sure to read each listing thoroughly, so you know exactly what you are ordering.

I happily answer most all questions. You can contact me through ETSY Conversations or by email.

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Hi! My name is Savitri Brant, owner and chief everything at Morningwood Growers. If this is your first time joining us, welcome! Morningwood Growers is a very small boutique nursery, art house, and farm. We operate on 5 beautiful acres in Sunny south Florida in a small town named Parrish. We specialize in tillandsia (air plants), bromeliad, orchid, plumeria (frangipani) and just about whatever else we can grow. If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, please email us as we probably have it. Populating a website is a full time job - and we spend most of ours growing plants!

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Morningwood Growers is a fully licensed Florida nursery. We practice ethical growing and selling. Morningwood Growers is one of the very few nurseries permitted by the state of Florida to harvest, propagate, and sell many native Florida plant species such as Encyclia Tampensis (Florida Butterfly Orchid) and Tillandsia Setacea (Southern Needle Leaf). We have been working hard to re-introduce threatened or endangered plants back into the wild. We have dedicated 2 full acres to natural forest and have given .6 of an acre to Florida Wetlands conservation easement. Every purchase you make helps us give back to nature. Please help us continue our work! Below are a few selections we thought you might like.

Nematode Free!


Morningwood Growers just passed their annual nematode inspection performed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. We are approved to continue shipping to all our continental states for another year.

So What?

Part of being a responsible plant grower and seller is following rules put in place for the greater good of our country as a whole. I've heard many friends and acquaintances complain about licensing requirements and "hoops" they need to jump through. I think differently. I've no problem at all with following rules set by those who know best and even less problem with the very reasonable fees charged by our regulatory agencies.


If you live in Florida, or any of the southern US, you may have run into the dreaded Fire Ant. This little bugger is impossible to eradicate, causes major damage in fields and around houses, and they attack with absolutely no provocation. The sting is like a tiny fire inside your skin. And that is followed up by a lovely and ridiculously itchy blister. Fire ants are not native to the US! They were imported from Brazil in a shipment of fruit.

Again, So What?

The fire ant is only one highly visible example of what can happen without regulation. A current threat to many farmers are nematodes. Nematodes are tiny worm like creatures that live in soil and some burrow deeply into plant tissue. These little buggers can cause crop failure which in turn effects all of us.

So, imagine Joe Charley says "Screw the Man!" and decides to grow, sell, and ship plants from Florida, whenever and however he sees fit. Joe grows "organic" plants in soil, and sends a box of these plants to Charley Joe in California, who grows half of California's citrus. Charley then places the potted plants she bought from Joe on her concrete patio, and enjoys them for a year.

Unbeknown to Charley, nematodes can travel through water. Charley has been watering her plants from Joe thoroughly and daily as instructed, creating highways for nematodes to travel from her cement porch, to her lawn, and eventually out to her orchard. Imagine her surprise when she looses an entire year of fruit to nematodes! Not only that, but imagine both her and her neighbor farmers surprise when they also loose their crops to nematodes. Charley is now looking at financial ruin, lawsuits from her neighbors, and state regulatory fines - all because Joe didn't want to be inspected.

Sucks For Them - Why Should I Care?

One scenario, is Charley traces the nematode infestation back to the plants she purchased from Joe. IN that case, Joe better have a good lawyer, who will certainly cost a great deal more than licensing and inspection would have in the first place.

But not so obviously, Joe will eventually pay for his tiny act of rebellion. Regardless of if you like fruit or produce, the impact from crop failure effects all of us. Crops are not only used for obvious purposes like food and juice. For instance, corn can be found in everything from hot dogs to computer chips. Citrus can be found in cleaners, organic pesticides, and more. Crop failure causes products shortages and increases in price. So, just maybe, Joe's failure to follow the rules costs everyone of us an extra $0.25 per bottle of citrus cleanser. Multiply that by the thousands of products containing citrus, and multiply that result by 325 Million Americans and - well, you would need to do the math. Hopefully by now you get the point.

Mom and Pop Tillandsia, Air Plants, Orchids, Bromeliads, Plants, House Plants

Morningwood Growers is a mom and pop shop - well, mom shop at least, pop is too lazy - found down in Sunny Parrish, Florida. We offer you a wide variety of extraordinary gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, gifts for men, gifts for kids, gifts for you - WHEW! We got a lotta gifts for you. Studies show that gifts containing nature and natural items are better for you and everyone you give them to. Air plants, bromeliads, orchids, house plants, art, even some knitting supplies - we got em and all at reasonable prices.

Made in the USA - Mostly

Even better, most of what we sell is made in the USA! Sure, some of our items come from other places, such is the nature of today's global economy. We will list where an items comes from - but if we miss something and it matters to you - just ask!