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Easy to grow indoors or out!

Haworthia Wandera Miami in 4" pot

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Gorgeous Succulent, Haworthia Miami

Easy to grow indoors or out! These plants have lovely textured leafs with white ridges. You will definitely want to touch it - no one can resist! Luckily they are very durable and hardy plants. Place it on a sunny windowsill, under an full spectrum bulb, or outdoors in part sun - our Haworthia Miami are sure to please.

Haworthia Wandera Miami is slow growing succulent originating from South Africa. It’s an excellent house plants as it’s hardy and can handle lower light and watering. Haworthia is popular garden and container plants.

Size: about 4” in diameter
Maintenance: Low
Light: Partial shade. Filtered light
Watering: Low. Water every 10 - 20 days
Growing rate: Slow


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