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Hardy plants that are super easy to grow

Sansevieria Rocket African spear plant Sansevieria cylindrical

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To the moon!

Sansevieria are just great plants. This hybrid aptly name Rocket is equally great and even neater looking. Exceptionally hardy plants that are super easy to grow indoors or out. The leafs can reach 20" and each plant produces more leafs from the base. You can soon have a whole miniature forest of Sansevieria! And if you choose to keep them indoors - you get the benefit of natural air cleaners.

Sansevieria is a genus of about 70 species of flowering plants, native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia. Common names include mother-in-law's tongue, devil's tongue, jinn's tongue, bow string hemp, snake plant and snake tongue. It is valued for its interesting appearance and durability. Sansevieria thrives with minimal care and live for many years, it seems nearly indestructible.

Sansevieria Rocket sometimes called the African spear plant or Sansevieria cylindrical

Maintenance: Low
Light: Moderately bright, filtered light
Watering: Low. Water every other week. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering. Sansevieria rots quickly in excessively wet soil.
Soil: Fast-draining cactus mix.


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